Root Canal treatment

Root Canal treatment is a procedure to save a badly damaged or decayed tooth. Earlier such teeth were extracted but with the advent of advanced techniques, such teeth can be saved and they can serve their function in the mouth. We at Aruma Dental and Implant Clinic have been providing root canal services to a large number of patients on an everyday basis. Our expert dental team headed by Dr. Arun Kachapilly and Dr. Uma Kachapilly makes the whole procedure painless and comfortable for the patients.

When would you need a Root Canal Treatment?

  1. Severe pain while biting or chewing food
  2. A cracked or a broken tooth
  3. Swollen gums around a tooth
  4. Severely decayed tooth
  5. Extreme sensitivity to cold and hot.

What happens in a root canal procedure?

Root canal procedures are designed to eliminate the microbes from infected roots and clean it thoroughly with intracanal medications. The procedure involves saving the natural tooth and restoring its functionality. Dr.Uma Kachapilly has an experience of more than a decade of giving painless root canal treatments to patients.

Here is a picture to explain the anatomy of the tooth and what happens when a tooth gets infected.

Every tooth has three layers, the topmost white layer is called enamel and beneath that is a layer called dentin. The innermost layer is called pulp and it has blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue which helps the tooth grow, and that provides sensation to the tooth. Whenever an infection reaches a pulp, that’s when you have massive pain and require a root canal procedure.

What if I do not wish to get my tooth treated for a root canal procedure?

Often patients, who require a root canal, experience the symptoms of pain and swelling. It may get cured by taking over the counter medication for the symptoms, but over time, the condition of the tooth would keep worsening and the abscess in that area increases so by delaying or denying the treatment the symptoms get worse and so does the condition of your tooth. In that case, it eventually becomes difficult to save your tooth or immediately relieve you from pain.

What are the steps of the Root canal procedure and how much time would it take?

A common concern that many patients have is how many visits a root canal treatment would require. Well, our efficient team makes the procedure short and smooth. Our team efficiently manages a single visit root canal and two visits root canals depending upon the infection levels.

We are known to provide the best endodontic treatment in Thane

. The various procedures that are involved in root canal treatment are:

  1. RVG: Our team begins treatment with a thorough investigation. Before starting a root canal procedure, we do our detailed advanced radiography and determine the extent of decay and infection in the tooth. The patient would be explained the procedure in detail and the treatment is planned accordingly.
  2. Removal of infected pulp: It’s very important to thoroughly clean the infection and drain the infection to relieve you from pain and discomfort.
  3. Cleaning and shaping: The canal is cleaned with intracanal medicated solutions and shaped to accommodate the filling materials.
  4. Filling the tooth: An inert filling material is inserted and packed well into the canal with the help of a good sealer material to seal the canal and prevent any further infection.
  5. Delivery of a crown: After the completion of a root canal, and the subsequent postoperative filling, the tooth is secured well with a crown. There are different types of crowns available.

The most common crown is Porcelain fused to metal, their core is made up of metal and they have an upper porcelain coating to imitate your natural teeth. The other material commonly used is Zirconia. It is a strong white metal that had great aesthetics properties. There are a few other materials also and we would guide you about them as well and help you decide the best treatment option.

Common myths associated with a root canal

Root canal procedure is very painful: The pain associated with a root canal procedure is a thing of past. Our expert dental team is equipped with the latest technology and anaesthesia techniques that make the root canal a very comfortable procedure for the patient.

Extraction is better than a root canal treatment: Restoration of a natural tooth is the best treatment option available for the health of your oral cavity. Nothing artificial can replace the comfort that your natural tooth can provide. Endodontic procedures have a success rate and a treated tooth lasts for a long time.

Root canal harms the general health of the body: A lot of people believe that their health would deteriorate after endodontic treatment. This myth has no grounds and a root canal procedure does not affect the general health of your body.

Common concerns after a root canal treatment

Would I be able to go to work after a root canal appointment?

Since the procedure is carried under local anaesthesia, the area would remain numb for a few hours but that would not cause any trouble and you can resume your work the same day without any discomfort.

Would my pain and discomfort continue during and after a Root canal?

Mild pain and discomfort would be normal after a root canal, the patients are usually under antibiotics and analgesics cover so even that is taken care of. Our staff is just a call away and we would take care of any trouble you experience during the treatment.

Would I be able to eat properly after the treatment?

We advise the patient to not use the tooth functionally during the treatment, but once the treatment is finished your tooth is back to function and can be used in biting and chewing food.

What is the cost of the root canal procedure?

The root canal procedure is very technique sensitive and has to be dealt with intricate care and precision. The founders of Aruma Dental and Implant Clinic are dedicated to the needs of the patients and critically evaluate the treatment criteria for every patient.

The materials used are of international quality and standards and we provide the best treatment to our patients. The charges are in sync with the treatment plan provided for the patient. We would walk you well through the treatment plan and the treatment cost before starting any protocol.

We are known to provide the best endodontic treatment at affordable prices in Thane.

       Post-treatment care:

We make sure that you are guided well to maintain your tooth postoperatively. It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dentist for regular checkups. Mild discomfort or pain after a root canal procedure is normal and can be taken care of, but in case you experience massive pain, immediately report to us.

   Why choose us for a root canal treatment?

ARUMA DENTAL AND IMPLANT CLINIC is amongst the best dental clinics in thane and Mumbai. Our founders have taken the utmost care to deliver the best services to all the patients. A root canal treatment needs expert intervention. Our team is well equipped for such meticulous procedures. You need to entrust your health into the best hands.

Your belief and our perseverance would make your treatment comfortable