“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile”. A smile is a warm welcome to anyone you meet. But how often have you restricted your smile because you did not feel too confident. Well keep your worries aside, because we at  Aruma Dental Implant Clinic have a solution to everything that has been holding your beautiful smile back.

Our expert cosmetic dentist team deals with all the problems that can reboot your smile and confidence. The common problems that lower your confidence are:

  • Yellow or discoloured teeth
  • A broken tooth or teeth
  • Spaces in between teeth
  • Protruded teeth
  • Improperly aligned teeth
  • Missing tooth

Smile designing

We at Aruma Dental Implant Clinic have been committed to the needs of our patients. We strive to cater to each patient diligently. The cosmetic dentist would carry a series of preliminary investigations like digital radiographs and photographs, then with the help of our smile designing software we give a futuristic picture to our patients. The software helps them evaluate how their post treatment presentation would be.

Dr Uma Kachapilly makes sure that all the patients are a part of the smile designing journey. She aspires to give her patients the best and suitable treatment plans.

The materials and the equipments used by the cosmetic dentist are of international standards. We outsource our work to the best dental labs and make sure that our patients get cost effective and best dental treatment.

Dr Uma Kachapilly, a cosmetic dentist at Aruma Dental Implant Clinic, has been in the business of creating beautiful smiles since many years. She has worked hard to carve a niche for herself.

Her team follows the intricate details of your face and design a smile that’s perfect for your personality. She has been dealing with a wide range of cosmetic procedures that can cater to your needs and requirements such as:

Bleaching or teeth whitening

Bleaching is a procedure of lightening the colour of natural teeth. We provide in office and at home bleaching options to the patients.

Dental laminate or Ceramic and composite veneers

The thin, custom made shells that can cover you tooth and make it look aesthetically appealing. It’s usually done for broken or chipped teeth, misaligned or crooked teeth, to cover the gaps in between natural teeth, to mask a discoloured tooth. Depending upon your tooth we can provide you a ceramic or a composite veneer.

Dental bridges

In case you have a missing tooth or teeth, dental bridging can be considered to restore your smile. They can be of porcelain fused to metal, full porcelain or zirconium. Fixed bridges often restore the functionality and the aesthetics of the mouth. Our cosmetic dentists would help you decide the best treatment option for your teeth.

Gum shaping surgeries

Gummy smile can be corrected by Gingivectomy or gum shaping surgery. The procedure can be done under a local anaesthesia and can be completed in one dental sitting. Often a few drugs lead to bulbous gums and they can also be treated with gingivectomy.


Large or overlapped teeth can be treated with mild reshaping in the dental office. The procedure is called coronoplasty or shaping of the teeth.

Alignment of teeth

Misaligned, crowded or over spaced teeth can be corrected with braces. Braces can be of metal or porcelain. Transparent aligners or invisalign are the latest technique for teeth straightening.

Restoration of the bite

Attrition, trauma from occlusion often changes the normal bite of a person and reduces the face value in the long run. Bite can be restored back to normal.

Why should you visit Aruma Dental Implant Clinic?

There are various cosmetic dentists in town, but it’s always better to go a certified and experienced cosmetic dentist. Dr Uma Kachapilly has been an expert in the field and has treated more than a thousand patients for cosmetic procedures; you can read the patient testimonials on our website and decide for yourself.

We at Aruma Dental Implant Clinic make sure that your dream of a beautiful smile is our dream too .We would visualise and take the journey together. We make sure your treatment is smooth, affordable and at par with your expectations. We have and we will place the quality and your satisfaction as our prime concerns.

        Our work speaks for itself so walk in and let us give you the best.

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